I have been Swing / Blues dancing for going on 14 years in the Albany New York scene. It may seem strange but in that time I’ve had only a very small handful of group lessons and an even more scarce number of private lessons. At the same time the private lesson that I shared with Kat and Damon was shockingly impactful on my dancing.

It may seem somewhat off topic that I am a karate man of over 28 years experience. As such I have had a lot of instruction from many different instructors over that 28 years. I found Damon’s technique and ability to figure out what I was doing, and find a simple way to get me to do it better emblematic of a highly experienced attentive and creative instructor.
During my lesson Damon tapped into my depth of experience as a martial artist and found a way to get me to use that experience to inform my dancing.

This ability to help a student translate one form of experience into another I found impressive.

John MOOSE Grassi